Fast Action & Creative Portraiture


Suitable for both beginners and more experienced photographers in a friendly, inclusive and supportive group.


This super wildlife photography workshop is jam packed with exciting opportunities to learn new techniques, give free reign to your creativity and add a stunning range of unique shots to your portfolio.


If you're confident with your camera you can dive right in!  If you're new to photography, or could do with a few tips for trickier shots, Trai will take you through all the settings and skills required to capture creative portraits of wildlife, plus all the dynamic action of birds in flight. 


A full day of photography with our stunning birds and small mammals.

Please note that subjects may vary and will depend on conditions.


2018 Dates: only two dates remaining!

Wednesday May 23rd

Thursday June 21st


For more details and booking on Trai's own website please click here





Raptors: Fast Action & Creative Portraiture with Trai Anfield

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