Opening Times

HOLIDAY SESSIONS - Session 1 and Session 6 are only available during school holidays.

Our sessions for Reptiles and Birds of Prey are run on separate days.

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - Reptile Sessions

Wednesday - Birds of Prey Sessions

Thursday - Reptiles 

Friday - CLOSED

Saturday - Reptiles

Sunday  - Birds of Prey 

Session 1 -  9.30 am  -  10.15pm 

Session 2 -  10.30 pm - 11.15pm

Session 3 -  11.30 am - 12.15pm

Session 4 -    1.45 pm -   2.30pm 

Session 5-     2.45pm  -   3.30pm

Session6-      3.45pm  -   4.30pm


Please come 5/10 minutes before your session time as our entrance gates are closed at session times. Thank you 

Bookings ring - 01289 391333

Please be aware all our bookings are now taken through Haven.  You can still book even if you are not staying on park.  If you have any problems please contact us on 0882084178.  Thank you 

We have relocated! Our new home is in Haggerston Castle's Italian Gardens. We are still busy relocating but are now running our sessions.